¤ look normal, play brutal ¤ (iwasntinvited) wrote in skate_thrash,
¤ look normal, play brutal ¤

Sick/Tired - Highlife LP out now! ex Mk-Ultra, powerviolence

Ripping, crushing, gnarling angular powerviolence with distinct hardcore and punk influences. Twenty minutes of music to dispel all the annoyances in your life. The music matches the artwork.. the moment you plunge your needle into this record you're whisked away to another place filled with slinky demons and cachinnating skulls. Sick/Tired is ex MK-ULTRA and WEEKEND NACHOS. You will not be disappointed.

MP3: http://freedownloads.last.fm/download/390487701/Last%2BStand%2Bfor%2Ba%2BDeadman.mp3

Ordering info: http://tolivealie.com/blog/2010/05/14/out-now-sicktired-highlife-lp/
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